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'Funflation' drives sporting event ticket prices up a whopping 25%

November 22 2023

The price of attending sporting events rose 25.1% from October 2022 to October 2023, according to government data.

Geopolitical instability and a packed election calendar have strategists wary of 2024

November 21 2023

Geopolitical risks will be the key threat to the economic outlook for 2024, as large-scale wars converge with elections across major global powers.

Ray Dalio says U.S. reaching an inflection point where the debt problem quickly gets even worse

November 17 2023

Soaring U.S. government debt is reaching a point where it will begin creating larger problems, the hedge fund titan said Friday.

The market thinks the Fed is going to start cutting rates aggressively. Investors could be let down

November 16 2023

Markets may be at least a tad optimistic, particularly considering the cautious approach central bank officials have taken.

Wholesale prices fell 0.5% in October for biggest monthly drop since April 2020

November 15 2023

Inflation was flat in October from the prior month, core CPI hits two-year low

November 14 2023

The CPI, which measures a broad basket of commonly used goods and services, increased 3.2% from a year ago despite being unchanged for the month.

UBS sees a raft of Fed rate cuts next year on the back of a U.S. recession

November 14 2023

UBS expects the U.S. Federal Reserve to cut interest rates by 275 basis points in 2024, almost four times the market consensus.

Consumer spending fell in October, according to new CNBC/NRF Retail Monitor tracking card transactions

November 13 2023

The new Retail Monitor, debuting Monday, is a joint product of CNBC and the National Retail Federation based on real card data from Affinity Solutions.

Fed’s Goolsbee says 'golden path' of a huge drop in inflation without a recession is still possible

November 07 2023

Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee said a soft landing is still on the table as the Fed seeks to combat inflation without hurting the economy significantly.

Central banks look to have hit peak rates. Here's how markets think they'll come down

November 07 2023

The world's major central banks paused their interest rate hiking cycles in recent weeks and markets are turning their attention to the first round of cuts.

Here's where the jobs are for October 2023 — in one chart

November 03 2023

Hiring in health care and government were two bright spots in a relatively weak October jobs report.

Bad news for the economy is good news for the stock market ... as long as it doesn't get too bad

November 03 2023

Bad news is good news, as long as it isn't too bad.

Unemployment among Hispanic workers rises at faster pace in October than overall rate

November 03 2023

The labor market showed deterioration for Hispanic workers, whose unemployment rate rose more than average in October.

Goldman Sachs says the Israel-Hamas war could have major implications for Europe's economy

November 03 2023

The Israel-Hamas war could significantly impact economic growth and inflation in the euro zone unless energy prices remain contained, Goldman Sachs says.

U.S. payrolls increased by 150,000 in October, less than expected

November 03 2023

Nonfarm payrolls were expected to grow by 170,000 in October, according to a Dow Jones consensus estimate.

Here's what to watch in Friday's big October jobs report

November 03 2023

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones are expecting jobs growth of just 170,000 in October, down from 336,000 the previous month.

Labor costs show surprise decline in the third quarter

November 02 2023

Unit labor costs, a measure of hourly compensation against productivity, fell 0.8% for the July-through-September period.

Private sector payrolls rose 113,000 in October, less than expected, ADP says

November 01 2023

ADP reported that companies added 113,000 workers for the month, higher than the 89,000 in September but below the estimate of 130,000.

Here's everything to expect from the Fed's policy announcement Wednesday

November 01 2023

The Fed meeting will conclude with the central bank not doing a whole lot of anything — just the way the market wants things for now.

Treasury to borrow $776 billion in the final three months of the year

October 31 2023

Officials attributed the lower borrowing needs to higher receipts, which were offset somewhat by greater expenses.

The escalating Israel-Hamas conflict raises risks of global market contagion, economist says

October 30 2023

As the Israel-Hamas conflict further intensifies, the risks to the global economy are growing, economist Mohamed el-Erian said Monday.

Achieving the 'American dream?' A lot of it depends on where you grow up

October 27 2023

Intergenerational mobility is falling in the U.S. — and when and where a child grows up can determine their future income.

Key Fed inflation gauge rose 0.3% as expected in September; spending tops estimate

October 27 2023

The core personal consumption expenditures price index was expected to increase 0.3% in September.

Global bond rout looks 'tremendously dangerous' for stocks, hedge fund manager warns

October 27 2023

An intensifying bond rout is creating a "tremendously dangerous" outlook for global equities, according to Livermore Partners' CIO.

Tech stocks suffer two-day selloff as investors find 'wrinkle or two' in Alphabet, Meta earnings

October 27 2023

Despite better-than-expected results from Alphabet and Meta, investors dumped the stocks and rest of the tech sector over the past two days

U.S. GDP grew at a 4.9% annual pace in the third quarter, better than expected

October 26 2023

GDP was expected to increase at a 4.7% annualized pace in the third quarter, according to a Dow Jones consensus estimate.

European Central Bank holds interest rates steady after 10 consecutive hikes

October 26 2023

The ECB ended its record run of rate hikes despite new upside risks to inflation.

U.S. and China commercial property markets face headwinds but UOB is optimistic on Southeast Asia

October 26 2023

Lee Wai Fai said the world is heading into a more "uncertain environment" and the impact of higher-for-longer interest rates is starting to filter through.

The economy probably showed gangbuster growth in the third quarter. But will it last?

October 26 2023

Gross domestic product, or the sum of all goods and services produced in the U.S. economy, is expected to post a 4.7% annualized gain for the third quarter.

Peace talks in the Middle East will take time to resume, World Bank chief says

October 25 2023

The president of the World Bank said Tuesday that it will be some time before progress toward a more peaceful Middle East can resume in earnest.

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