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Fed poised to approve quarter-point rate hike this week, despite market turmoil

March 18 2023

Chairman Jerome Powell and his fellow central bankers will want to signal that it's important to continue the fight to bring down inflation.

One year after the first rate hike, the Fed stands at policy crossroads

March 17 2023

The Fed in some ways is both closer and further away from its goals when it first started raising rates.

European Central Bank hikes rates despite market mayhem, pledges support if needed

March 16 2023

Some market players questioned whether President Christine Lagarde would proceed with a hike, given recent shocks in the banking sector.

Long-awaited Fed digital payment system to launch in July

March 16 2023

FedNow creates "a leading-edge payments system that is resilient, adaptive, and accessible," said Richmond Fed President Tom Barkin.

Goldman Sachs cuts GDP forecast because of stress on small banks, which are key to U.S. economy

March 16 2023

Goldman on Wednesday lowered its 2023 economic growth forecast, citing a pullback in lending from small- and medium-sized banks.

One of the best ways to figure out what the Fed will do next is to look at regional bank stocks

March 15 2023

Markets have changed their mind — again — about what they think the Federal Reserve will do next week regarding interest rates.

Wholesale prices post unexpected decline of 0.1% in February; retail sales fall

March 15 2023

The producer price index was expected to increase 0.3% in February, according to Dow Jones estimates.

Moody's Analytics' Mark Zandi says Fed unlikely to hike rates in March given banking turmoil

March 15 2023

The Federal Reserve will likely not raise interest rates at its March meeting as there is still a "boatload of uncertainty" said Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics. 

Inflation gauge increased 0.4% in February, as expected and up 6% from a year ago

March 14 2023

Excluding volatile food and energy prices, core CPI increased 0.5% in February and 5.5% on a 12-month basis.

Something broke, but the Fed is still expected to go through with rate hikes

March 14 2023

Markets still expect the Fed to keep up its inflation-fighting efforts, despite high-profile bank failures that have rattled the financial system.

Just like that: Market pricing swings back to quarter-point Fed rate hike

March 11 2023

One bank implosion and a cooperative jobs report later, and the market has changed its mind.

Unemployment for Black and Hispanic women rose in February, but more workers join the labor force

March 10 2023

Black women saw their unemployment rate jump to 5.1% from 4.7%. Among Hispanic women, it jumped to 4.8% from 4.4%.

Here's where the jobs are for February 2023 — in one chart

March 10 2023

The leisure and hospitality sector added 105,000 jobs last month, according to the Labor Department, accounting for roughly a third of the total jobs gain.

Payrolls rose 311,000 in February, more than expected, showing solid growth

March 10 2023

Nonfarm payrolls were expected to increase by 225,000 in February, while the unemployment rate was projected to hold at 3.4%, according to Dow Jones.

UK economy rebounds with stronger-than-expected January GDP print

March 10 2023

The U.K. economy grew by 0.3% in January, official figures showed on Friday, exceeding expectations as it continues to fend off what economists see as an inevitable recession.

Job openings declined in January but still far outnumber available workers

March 08 2023

The Labor Department's Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey showed there are 10.824 million openings, down some 410,000 from December.

Private payrolls rose by 242,000 in February, better than expected, ADP says

March 08 2023

Companies added jobs at a brisk pace in February as the labor market kept humming, payroll services firm ADP reported Wednesday.

How China's shifting growth picture could hit global markets

March 07 2023

China's economy will be forced to recalibrate because of a "fractured" global order, and the new drivers of growth will "disappoint" global markets, according to David Roche.

Fed's Powell heads to Capitol Hill this week, and he's going to have his hands full

March 07 2023

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to appear before Congress with a tall task.

Tesla is not the only company reviewing its Europe investment after Biden's Inflation Reduction Act

March 03 2023

Many multinationals are reconsidering or changing previous plans to deploy new money into Europe.

Euro zone inflation softens to 8.5% in February as ECB signals interest rate hiking is not over

March 02 2023

Inflation in the euro zone came in at 8.5% in February, while the ECB signalled interest rate hikes could still continue.

State IRA programs work toward closing the racial retirement savings gap

February 28 2023

Workers have put away $735 million in state retirement savings programs that are intended to help employees at small businesses.

Fed can't tame inflation without 'significantly' more hikes, causing a recession, paper says

February 24 2023

The Federal Reserve is unlikely to be able to bring down inflation without having to push rates considerably higher, according to a research paper.

Key Fed inflation measure rose 0.6% in January, more than expected

February 24 2023

The core PCE price index was expected to increase 0.5% from a month ago and 4.4% on an annual basis, according to Dow Jones.

OECD says global economic outlook 'slightly better' for 2023 but inflation risks linger

February 24 2023

OECD Secretary-General Mathias Cormann said the global economic outlook is looking slightly "brighter" for this year but inflation challenges remain.

UK economy in 'a lot better shape' than bleak figures suggest, fund manager says

February 23 2023

The U.K. has thus far avoided a widely anticipated recession, and the economy may be holding up better than feared, according to veteran fund manager Andy Brough.

Consumer debt hits record $16.9 trillion as delinquencies also rise

February 16 2023

Debt across all categories totaled $16.9 trillion as balances rose across all major categories.

Wholesale prices rose 0.7% in January, more than expected, fueling inflation increase

February 16 2023

The producer price index, a measure of what raw goods fetch on the open market, rose 0.7% in January.

Sanctions on Russian oil are having the 'intended effect,' IEA says

February 16 2023

Bans and price caps targeting Russian oil are having the "intended effect" despite surprisingly resilient exports in recent months, according to the International Energy Agency.

Retail sales jump 3% in January, smashing expectations despite inflation increase

February 15 2023

Retail sales were expected to increase 1.9% in January, according to Dow Jones.

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